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Kindly note that RBC GSSP is no longer processing any new applications. If you're interested in studying at Richard Bland College of William & Mary, without being part of the Global Student Success Program,
---> please visit the RBC website directly.

Work Opportunities

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RBC FAME program (Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering)

The RBC FAME program is designed to prepare RBC students to gain knowledge while earning a paid work/study experience provided by local manufacturing companies. Students may be enrolled in any degree at RBC as full-time (12-17 credits). This five-semester program will include 12 extra credits in addition to degree requirements in engineering and manufacturing topics such as electricity, fluid power, mechanics, etc. While studying, students will work up to 20 hours at a local industrial partner to gain on-the-job training.

Stem Aviation program

RBC has partnered with Richmond International Airport to boost knowledge in stem specifically aeronautics and aviation. Students may be enrolled in any degree at RBC as full-time students. This program begins during the summer term providing educational training while students are enrolled as full-time students. During the fall term, students will begin working at Richmond International Airport for up to 20 hours per week while still enrolled as full-time students. Students will be offered various on-the-job training focused on stem aviation. Visa approval will be required before the summer term begins.

Institutional Work Opportunities

Each term, RBC has various work opportunities for students ranging from tutoring, staff assistance, and campus operations, etc. Students are eligible to work up to 20 hours per week while maintaining full-time enrollment status.

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