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Kindly note that RBC GSSP is no longer processing any new applications. If you're interested in studying at Richard Bland College of William & Mary, without being part of the Global Student Success Program,
---> please visit the RBC website directly.

Admission Requirements

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Minimum Eligibility Requirements

Richard Bland College requirements vary depending on your academic and English language qualification results achieved.

Required Admissions Materials

  • Completed online application form
  • Academic transcripts and other required documents, including Grades 10-12 transcripts
    • For U.S. curriculum, please include Grades 9-12
  • English language proficiency results
  • Any transcripts from further study which has followed high school, complete with school grading scales

English Language Requirements

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English language proficiency scores may be waived for international students coming from an English-speaking country or who have studied an English-language curriculum for at least two years. English test scores may also be waived for students who achieve 22+ in the reading section of the SATs.

Minimum Academic Qualifications by Country

Entry to Richard Bland College is competitive and the scores listed below are only minimum academic qualification requirements. Admission will be selective based on strength of the application. Assessment is based on all years attended in a student’s specific high school curriculum. The U.S. equivalent of high school completion and minimum GPA 2.50 are required.

For countries not listed in this chart please contact

Entry Requirements

Successful completion of Year 12 with GPA of 2.5
University accredited foundation courses equal to NQF level 3; equivalent to high school year 12 with GPA of 2.5
Bachiller with a 6/7
Year 12 Certificate results equivalent to US GPA 2.5
Successful completion of complete secondary education with 3/4 average
Secondary School Leaving Certificate with a B/C or 55%-60%
Secondary School Certificate and Higher Secondary Certificate with 2.5/5, B/C or 45%-50%
Bachiller with 4.5/7 or 58%-63%
Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education with a D/C average
Brazilian Secondary School Leaving Certificate (Certificado de Ensino Médio) with a 6/7 average
Third class Honors
Baccalauréat (Baccalaureate) with a C/D
Successful completion of grade 12 with C/B average
Licencia de Educación Media (academic) with a 4/5 average
Senior Middle School Graduate Certificate with a 75% average or higher
Título de Bachiller with 7/8 or higher
Bachiller with a 7/8
General Secondary Education Certificate in the range of 60%-65%
Fiji School Leaving Certificate (Form 6) with a 5/6 average
Baccalauréat Général in the range of 11/12
Minimum grade of C/D in all subjects taken (minimum of 5 subjects)
Completion with D grade (O Level must be provided)
West African Senior School Certificate in the range of C4-B3
HKDSE- Overall average at a minimum of level 3
Huikao examination results with Pass. Senior Middle 1 & 2 with 80% and graduation certificate prior to matriculation
Higher/Senior Secondary Certificate with C1, 5 or 45%-50% average in X-XII results
SKHUN with an average of 65-70%
Completion with overall 23
Diploma with 13/14 average
Teudat Bagrut with 65%-75% average
Kotogakko Sotsugyo Shosho (Upper Secondary School Leaving Certificate) with a 3/4 GPA
Tawjihi (Academic)/General Secondary Education Certificate with 74% -80% average
Successful completion of Attestat with 3/4 average
Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) with a C+/B- or 7/8 average or higher
Inmungye Kodung Hakkyo (High School Certificate) with Rank 4/5
Secondary School Diploma in the range of 75%-80%
Baccalaureat II with a score of 13/14
See criteria for China, Hong Kong, Taiwan or GCE
Malawi School Certificate of Education with 7/6 average
SPM with C+/B or 8/10 average
GCE O Levels with C/D in all subjects taken (minimum of 5 subjects)
Certificado de Bachillerato with a 7 average or better
School Leaving Certificate (Gerchilgee) with 75% (C) average or higher
Successful completion of Baccalauréat with a 11/12 grade
Basic Education Standard Exam Diploma (Academic & Vocational) with a 3/4 or 45% average or higher
Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) in the range of 40% -46%
Completion of SSCE (WAEC/NECO) with an overall average of C5/B3 or equivalent
Thanawiya Amma (General Secondary School Certificate) in the range of 75% - 85%
Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) in the range of 45%-50%
Diploma de Bachiller in the range of 76%-81%
Bachillerato Académico with 11/12
High School Diploma in the range of 84-87% or 2-2.24
Al-Thanawiya Aama Qatari/General Secondary Education Certificate in the range of 63%-70% or 3.5-4
Attestat o srednem (polnom) obschem obrazovanii (Certificate of Secondary Education) with a 3/4 average or higher
Senior Certificate Matriculation in the range of 70%-75%
See GCE O Level requirements
National Senior Certificate in the range of 55%-60% or 4-5
GCE O Levels with B/C
Avgångsbetyg with G/VG average in 3 subjects
Senior High School Graduation Certificate in the range of 65%-70%
Certificate of Secondary Education with C/D or 3.5-4 or D/4 - E/5
Matayom VI in the range of 65%-70%
Lise Diplomasi/General Secondary School Diploma in the range of 63%-70%
General Secondary Education Certificate in the range of 75%-80%
Uganda Certificate of Education with 6/7 average
Attestat with Grade 5.5 or higher on the 12 point scale or Attestat with Grade 3/4 or higher on the 5 point scale
See GCE O Level and AS/A Level requirements
Bằng Tốt Nghiệp Trung Học Phổ Thong (Diploma of Completion of Secondary School) with minimum score of 5/7
Completion with a minimum of 5
Zambian School Certificate Examination/GCE with 4-5
See GCE/O and AS/A LEVEL requirements

*Students with Huikao credentials have the additional following requirements: – Huikao examination results (or provisional results/predicted grades) with a pass – Graduation certificate prior to enrollment

Age requirements

Students between 16 and 17 years of age must have parental/guardian consent to attend Richard Bland College. Application forms must be signed by a parent/guardian.

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